Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Push Pin Garden

This is my first pin cushion garden.  I was inspired by the cute flower pin cushion that my sister Kerry gave me.  So much cuter than the plain old flat head pins, and easier to grab when you have fumble fingers too.  1 3/4 inch long, so useful as well as decorative.


  1. Funny, isn't it, about throwing out your sewing machine? My daughter looks at me - after my decade of quilting - and says, "WHY would you mess with yard and needles when you can just SEW something?" Indeed. Why? Or work with glass or clay or any other darn thing. The problem is finding THE thing, which you seem to have done. I tried making beads and buttons, but they didn't turn out so swell - old clay, baked not long enough, maybe. You inspire me. maybe I'll try again.

  2. Hello from Michigan I would be interested in buying your lovely Push Pin Gardens. Do you sell them?? Hugs judy