Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blue Moon

So Kerry said "you haven't made any more of those blue ones".  So here you go, a whole bunch of blue ones.  Actually Turquoise, since blue is not my favorite color, but turquoise is my favorite stone.  I spent a few hours in the mines, then came home and tumbled, drilled and shaped these......, okay, I'm lying, I made them out of clay.  But I think they look almost like the real thing. 

 Sometimes I have an idea for a specific type of bead that just doesn't work out the way I thought it should, but then the ones I make from the "leftover's" turn out really well.  I especially like the swirly green shapes. 
 LOVE these.  Experimenting with my new embossing stamps, inks and powders.  These are great for leaves and wings.  I listed a couple of these on my Etsy site today, will try to get the rest on this week.


  1. Lovin' the caned beads. But also the embossed, stamped ones. So you've thrown out your ink pads, too?/ Hmmm. I KNEW there'd be a use for those million stamps -

  2. I loved going to work and seeing your handiwork in the wooly pin cushion up in the class room!!! Your pins are adorable!

    So happy to have met you, and your blog is great!!